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How to troubleshoot a WordPress website in a secure way?

A complex WordPress website may embody several plugins and a non-default theme. Plugin provides limitless possibilities to extend basic feature of a WordPress site to become a more complex CMS for a specific purpose like online store, learning management system, job board, property listing, etc., or adding components like contact form, gallery slider, WhatsApp button, mobile menu, etc. Where the theme supports the look and feel and in some cases it is built exclusively for a specific need like an online store.

Having a lot of plugins and a special theme is not a bad idea as long as we can maintain the website error-free. To ensure they are not breaking our site, the easiest way is to check their compatibility with the current version of the WordPress running on our site. However, you may not get them really compatible for certain circumstances in your configurations. And the developers behind them may not be aware of it.

The quicker way to find out whether there is a plugin or theme breaking your site is by temporarily disabling all plugins at once and switching theme to one of default WordPress themes; then re-enabling plugins one by one to narrow down the source of the problem. However, this will change your site as well and surely will harm your visitors.

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