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How to enable video lightbox button on Sydney WordPress theme’s full screen slider?

Sydney Slide Button Lightbox plugin allows you to enable lightbox effect on the main slider (Full screen slider) button of Sydney WordPress theme to play a video file (self-hosted or YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

To enable YouTube video lightbox on the slide button of Sydney theme’s Full screen slider, follow these steps:

  1. Download the .zip package of this plugin
  2. Install to your WordPress website’s which is running Sydney theme via the Plugins menu > Add New > Upload
  3. Activate plugin
  4. Specify your video URL (e.g.: to Customize > Header area > Header Slider > URL for your call to action button. You can use any video URL from YouTube, Vimeo, and other video sharing services, or even a self-hosted video file from your WordPress website’s media library.
  5. Update/Publish

Available shortcode

You can use this shortcode to put the button anywhere in post, page, custom post type, widget, or template file.

[SydneyVideoButton btn-class="mybutton button btn" url="YOUR_VIDEO_URL" text="Button Text" nonSlide="yes"]

Shortcode parameters:

  • btn-class (required): CSS class
  • url (required): Video URL
  • text (required): Button text
  • nonSlide (optional): Use this parameter if you put the shortcode outside of the Sydney’s main slider. The only available value is yes.

Does the button still work when theme is switched?

Yes. The button you insert manually with the shortcode remains available and be working fine.

However, the button that is in Sydney’s main slider will not work as it belongs to Sydney theme.

Available filter hooks

There are several filters that allow you to modify the button to make it meets your requirements.

  • Set custom button class: sydney_video_lightbox_button_css_class
  • Rewrite button HTML: sydney_video_lightbox_button_html
  • Rewrite plugin’s CSS file: sydney_video_lightbox_button_css_file_url
  • Rewrite plugin’s JS file: sydney_video_lightbox_button_js_file_url


 * Set custom button class
add_filter( 'sydney_video_lightbox_button_css_class', 'prefix_custom_button_css_class' );
function prefix_custom_button_css_class() {
  $class   = array();
  $class[] = 'button';
  $class[] = 'btn';
  return $class;

 * Rewrite button HTML
add_filter( 'sydney_video_lightbox_button_html', 'prefix_custom_button_html', 10, 2 );
function prefix_custom_button_html( $btn_html, $btn_args ) {

  $btn_html = '<div class="custom-button-wrapper"><a class="'.$btn_args['btn-class'].'" href="'.esc_url($btn_args['url']).'" data-lity>'.esc_html($btn_args['text']).'</a></div>';

  return $btn_html;


 * Rewrite plugin's CSS file
add_filter( 'sydney_video_lightbox_button_css_file_url', 'prefix_custom_css_file' );
function prefix_custom_css_file() {
  return 'YOUR_CSS_FILE_URL';

 * Rewrite plugin's JS file
add_filter( 'sydney_video_lightbox_button_js_file_url', 'prefix_custom_js_file' );
function prefix_custom_js_file() {
  return 'YOUR_JS_FILE_URL';


Thanks to Lity jQuery lightbox library


This plugin is licensed under GPL-2.0+

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