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How to display Instagram feed when my WordPress website is in maintenance mode?

Enable Maintenance Page plugin allows you to choose a page content to display when a WordPress website is set in maintenance mode. By this core feature, you can insert any type of blocks and put them in preferred order. For example, you can display photos or videos from your Instagram feed, that will give an option for visitors to connect and keep updated with your business via Instagram posts. This will surely help maintaining conversation while your website is not online.

Preview to final result. Click to enlarge.

The above image is an example about how the Instagram feeds shows on a maintenance page.

You can use the Instagram widget by Jetpack within your blocks. In case you aren’t running Jetpack yet, go to Plugins > Add New to install the plugin and activate. To use the Instagram block, you are required to make connection with account. Visit this link to create your free account if you don’t have it yet.

Once Jetpack is ready, from your site’s Dashboard, go to Jetpack > Settings > Writing > Widgets, and enable ‘Make extra widgets available for use on your site including subscription forms and Twitter streams‘.

Going forward, create a new blank page that will be used for mainenance mode. Use the inserter button (+) at the far top left near the W logo to begin inserting the Instagram feed. Click on the Latest Instagram Posts button. First, you will be asked to connect with your Instagram account you wish to display the feed from, before setup for number of posts and columns, spacing, and display whether stack on mobile or not from the block sidebar.

You may also want to insert other blocks for additional information in that page. Once you have fininshed, don’t forget to publish.

Now install the Enable Maintenance Page plugin. Once enabled, go to Settings > Reading panel. Scroll down and find the Enable Maintenance Page section. Click the provided checkbox to enable maintenance mode. Go to Choose a page dropdown after the checkbox and choose your page. Save changes. That’s it! Enjoy!

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